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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

DFScott wrote:
Not if the story also expects us to see Spock return a kiss on his own accord, when his track record tells us that couldn't happen.
Does it conclusively? I don't believe so.

Timewalker wrote: View Post
King Daniel Into Darkness wrote:
How about actually putting yourself in Original Sarek's shoes and actually thinking about it, instead of throwing all-caps at me?

Vulcan is a society of tradition. Evidently it's traditional for sons to follow their fathers in their fathers' careers, or at least general area. Spock chose not to do that. Therefore, friction ensues.

Sarek was genuinely baffled at Spock's insistence that he didn't want to attend the Vulcan Science Academy. He couldn't figure out what Spock could learn off-planet that he couldn't learn at the Academy.

Sarek, like many Vulcans, opposes killing. They oppose it to the point that they oppose any sort of military careers for their offspring. Spock chose not only to not become a diplomat, he chose to attend an off-planet institution of higher education. The fact that it was Starfleet Academy - a place that mostly prepares its students for careers in the military - was the last straw. Like Tevye in Fiddler On the Roof, who gave in to his two older daughters who flouted tradition, he simply could not bring himself to give in the third time. As Tevye says," There is no other hand!"

I get the impression that Sarek wouldn't have shunned Spock for 18 years if the first one or two were the only ways that Spock defied his father. But Starfleet was the dealbreaker.

And I repeat: Sarek's wives were human. If he were an inflexible bigot, he wouldn't have married them.
So Sarek practices Partial Diversity in Partial Combinations, then? If you put tradition ahead of IDIC, then you're failing at IDIC, no matter how many humans you marry.

The Vulcan people have high ideals, but much like many humans today who claim to worship a benevolent God, they fail to live up to those ideals.
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