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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
IDIC and a tradition bound society would seem to be incompatible. Most traditional societies aren't very accepting of outsiders and their customs. Of course in the real world IDIC was a late addition to the Vulcans of TOS as was Surak.

Is there any evidence that Vulcan children traditionally go into their parents profession? Sarek was a diplomat. Spock chose science as his profession. (becoming a diplomat later in life) Tuvok is in Starfleet, while Tuvok's son is apparently becoming a musician. T'Pol's mother is a teacher while T'Pol is in the military.

Journey To Babel wrote:
KIRK: I take it that Spock disagreed with his father on a choice of career.
AMANDA: My husband has nothing against Starfleet. But Vulcans believe that peace should not depend on force.
KIRK: Starfleet force is used only as a last resort. We're an instrument of civilisation. And it's a better opportunity for a scientist to study the universe than he can get at the Vulcan Science Academy.
AMANDA: Perhaps. But Sarek wanted Spock to follow his teachings, as Sarek followed the teachings of his own father.
KIRK: They are both stubborn.
My read of this says Sarek wanted Spock to to follow the Vulcan teachings but not necessarily his specific profession. Which doesn't come across as very IDIC.

Does Sarek oppose killing? We know Spock doesn't, as he advocated killing Gary Mitchell.

Of course when we meet Sarek in JTB, he is accused of murder.

Journey To Babel wrote:
KIRK: How was he killed?
MCCOY: His neck was broken. By an expert.
KIRK: Explain.
MCCOY: Well, from the nature and location of the break, I'd say the killer knew exactly where to apply pressure to snap the neck instantly.
KIRK: Who aboard would have that knowledge?
SPOCK: Vulcans. On Vulcan, the method is called tal-shaya. It was considered a merciful form of execution in ancient times.
KIRK: Spock. A short time ago, I broke up an argument between Gav and your father.
SPOCK: Indeed, Captain? Interesting.
MCCOY: Interesting? Spock, do you realise that makes your father the most likely suspect?
SPOCK: Vulcans do not approve of violence.
KIRK: You're saying he couldn't have done it?
SPOCK: No, Captain. I'm merely saying it would be illogical to kill without reason.
KIRK: But if he had a reason, could he have done it?
SPOCK: If there were a reason, my father is quite capable of killing. Logically and efficiently
So, while Vulcans do not approve of violence, they will kill.
Some of your post contradicts itself. While Vulcan children don't ALWAYS follow their parents' careers, it's reasonable to say that a significant number of Vulcan parents expect them to, or at least expect their children not to choose something bizarre, violent, or dishonorable.

And read my previous post: Pacifists do not approve of violence, but unless said pacifist is also Jesus or Gandhi (for example), he/she is very likely to have some point where they would kill. How many of us here would not kill, if it was the only way to protect ourselves or a loved one? A human would use the term "breaking point" and Vulcans term it as a "logical reason", but it essentially means the same thing.

Spock advocated killing Gary Mitchell, because he could see no other way out. It was a logical reason.
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