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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

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What's this thread about again? I think it has skewed far away from what the topic was 3 pages ago =(.
Meaning no disrespect, but why does it matter. Great conversations always move along in strange and wondrous ways. I am a mod on another forum, and an administrator on still another and I never understood that the only conversation on a thread had to relate to the first topic.

I grew up in a family that would talk about anything and everything, even as a kid I was allowed to join in. It's like you hear others quote ever so often, "It isn't the destination, it's the journey." To me every conversation is a journey, you may be informed, humored or even enraged but it's all good.
I was enjoying where the conversation was playing around with several pages back (not that this is about me, mind you) and been looking for a place to dive back in, but it just hasn't seemed to revolved back to Voyager-esque escapades!

Heck, I wouldn't necessarily say a few pages back, it was really even on Voyager misconceptions anymore, but almost dived into Trek universe misconceptions, which was getting interesting --- at least I thought so!
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