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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

FOOL ME ONCE...continued

Someone new showed up this week... and he came to see Tiffany "because" Leanne called him.

No, he's not family. He's too well dressed and his teeth are too white and clean to belong to Tiffany's family.

The first time I saw him, and heard him speak, I assumed he was her Minister.

Tiffany was complaining about CHAPman (and rightly so) pretending that God had chosen Tiffany as a healer, then got her thrown into Psych. Tiffany acknowledged that her experience with CHAPman did 1 of two things for her. Proved to her that God DID NOT EXIST... How else could she rationalize God's silence while she was disrespected and drugged. OR... if God did exist then his silence proved to Tiffany that she didn't want "anything' to do with him.

The good looking stranger (GLS) began to quote scripture, Mathew chapter 5 verse 11.

GLS: "Blessed are ye when men shall revile and persecute you, and shall speak all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. He hasn't abandoned you, Tiffany. Maybe he just wants you to notice someone who needs him.
Tiffany: She don't need him, OKAY! All she needs is her own self and her Sasquatch of a girlfriend!
GLS: People hurt other people, because they're unhappy. (Sounds like Alex alright!)
Because they feel guilty over things they have done. (Sounds like Piper) and they have no-one to forgive them.
Tiffany: You might as well tell me to "turn into a duck". Cause I ain't forgiving her. I mean, I have to confess that to you right now. I ain't that big.
GLS: God WANTS you to be that big. He chose YOU to be a hero. (He leans back in the visitation chair) Remember how you yourself have been forgiven.

The story then segues into the abortion clinic shooting we've discussed earlier.

Eventually the Good looking Stranger's words sink into the meth addicts brain, and Tiffany goes in search of Sasquatch's girlfriend.

Did you ever consider that if Nicky and Alex are 2 sides of the same coin, then Piper and Crazy Eyes are also 2 sides of the same coin? Crazy Eyes interacts with other people inappropriately, or as Pipes told her in this ep's opening scene, "Even you have to admit, you come on too strong, sometimes."

Well so does Piper... come on too strong, too, sometimes.

Like now, when undereducated, uncultured, unsophisticated Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett asked her some questions in the common room as Sister Ingalls looked on.

Tiffany: (Very calmly and quietly) Do you realize you almost ruined my life? I mean, do you? You made the Almighty God into a joke... and a joke ain't nothing to me. A joke didn't write me letters up in here, and... and a joke didn't give me hope so I could do my time and make something out of it. What do you believe in?
Piper: (looks off towards the glazed windows before she lets her Crazy Eyes persona take over and answer the damn question!.) Well, I've always felt that "agnostic" was sort of a cop out... But, uh, you know if I had to label it I would say that I was a secular humanist which is not to say that I'm not spiritual...
Tiffany: (Interrupts this tutorial to deliver one of her own.) You're not religious, Okay? Just stop. Stop. You believe in Hussein Obama? Electric cars, Shakespeare books, and do you go out to eat at restaurants? I don't have any of that. All I have is him. (Points heavenward)
Piper: I'm sorry.

I'm not sure what Piper's apologizing for at this point. Is it for trying to take Tiffany's God away from her... or for a life where a Shakespeare book and eating AT a restaurant is as unbelievable / as unattainable to Tiffany as supporting a "foreign" (To Doggett) President or affording an electric car.

Tiffany's sermon continues as she exhorts Piper to seek the Lord's forgiveness not Tiffany's... "You get right with HIM and then we'll see that all "this" was part of his plan."

Ahhh, she can accept her own suffering/ disrespecting if she can see tangible proof that it was for the greater good.

Pennsatucky obviously watched too many Xena: Warrior Princess TV shows when she was kid.

Tiffany cajoles her into public prayer (again under the watchful eye of Sister Ingalls across the room) and quite frankly she does a good job. Good enough to warrant some raised eyebrows from Sister Ingalls and a HUG from Tiffany followed by a "warning" that a baptism was in Piper's future.

There's just one little problem that Piper hasn't factored into her "let's win Tiffany over" calculus.

Believing in Tiffany's idea of a personal savior is not what a secular humanist believes... and pretending to pray to one is just as disingenuous on her part today as it was 2 weeks ago when she pretended that Tiffany could faith heal the disabled teen in the bathroom.

You'd think after 4 years of college, 2 (?) years living with an international drug cartel runner, 8 years smoozing with the Park Slope crowd, and nearly 4 months in the slammer... that Piper would have learned by now how to deal with people of such variant beliefs from her own.

Or maybe... the 18 years of living with her Alcoholic Mom & Philandering Father, pretending everything was chill even when it wasn't... maybe all those years of conditioning are too great for her to overcome.

Maybe Piper thinks she just has to pretend to believe in someone's fidelity and they in turn will pretend to believe in her sobriety and everyone will live happily ever after.

I don't think Tiffany got that memo.
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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