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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

A rehash of that Justice League episode. Not complaining, just pointing that out. And the Stagg Industries logo is basically an S with an I running through it, a dollar sign basically. Cute.

Christopher wrote: View Post would've been nice if Rex and Sapphire could've been set up before this so we'd have some reason to care about Rex's transformation -- kinda like how B:TAS had Harvey Dent play a recurring good-guy role for a few episodes so his descent into Two-Face would have more impact.
I was satisfied. I like the idea of a build-up too, but it felt like they established the relationship well enough.

Redfern wrote: View Post
When a kid of around 5 or 6, I called Metamorpho the "ice cream man" because of his quasi Neapolitan color scheme.
Either that or spumoni.

I still like the show as much as I always did. It's nice to see Bruce dating even if it's a set-up.
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