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Re: Saints Row IV gameplay "livestream"

I've been playing SR4 for the last couple days. While it leans heavily on The Matrix, it also riffs on Mass Effect (going as far as aping the intro to ME3, complete with Keith David channeling Adm. Anderson) and Independence Day and has easter eggs from Star Trek, Firefly, Armageddon and Planet of the Apes.

It's also f'ing awesome. I LOVE the villain. I listen to the classical station in game because he DJs it. Though, so far, I haven't seen the cinematic set pieces that exemplified SR3 and the better parts of SR2.

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You can super jump and glide in this one?! Awesome!!! If you can scale buildings too, this will be just like Crackdown or Prototype!
You can leap to the top of most buildings, run up the side of them, or basically reverse repel yourself up.
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