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Re: DS9 on blu-ray -- What can we do?

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Heck, if The Dick Van Dyke Show can get a Blu-ray release, surely DS9 and Voyager will too.
I assume you're being tongue-in-cheek here, but it's worth pointing out that The Dick Van Dyke Show is a rather important, influential, and popular sitcom. Looking at other sitcoms from the same era, it is no surprise that few have been given an HD restoration, and fewer still are available on home video.

I'm kind of shocked I Love Lucy hasn't been given the HD treatment yet. Judging from the DVDs, the negatives are in (for the most part) terrific shape.

CBS is certainly likely to keep putting out their back catalog of Star Trek in HD. Even though the remaining two shows aren't as popular as their predecessors, they still have a lot more value than equivalent sf shows from the period, on account of the staying power of the Star Trek brand.
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