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Re: DS9 on blu-ray -- What can we do?

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Heck, if The Dick Van Dyke Show can get a Blu-ray release, surely DS9 and Voyager will too.
While I don't disagree with you, it's important to note how much more work is required to make DS9 and VOY worthy of any type of HD release.

Dick Van Dyke is quite easy to make available in HD, there is no VFX to speak of, anything was done in camera and/or simple wipes, etc. processed directly onto the film. It simply gets scanned at 1080p and put through a scratch/dirt clean up and B&W contrast stabilization routine.

The fact that sitcoms have essentially zero VFX is also why NBC relatively quickly and easily turned out Seinfeld and Friends into HD syndication packages back around 2007-ish. Since all the footage was filmed with 35mm cameras, and edited together traditionally on film, the only thing that needed to be recreated was the title sequences, which were originally added as the final step of post-production on SD video. Since everything of the episode is on the completed 35mm, film scanning the episodes into a 1080p video editing workflow and then recreating the titles in the HD workflow is a relatively trivial (if tedious) matter.

I want DS9 on BD as bad as anyone, but you have to be realistic about the huge workload it will take, just like TNG before it (plus more when you get the seasons with CGI).

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