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Re: Was the Traveller Creepy?

Actually, Wil Wheaton himself finds the Traveller a pretty creepy character. From his blog:

Wesley watches the assistant lay in some commands, but something bothers him, so the assistant lets Wesley tinker with the coordinates himself. Oh yeah, that's not going to cause any problems or piss off the audience at all. After Wesley is done, the assistant gives him a look that, in retrospect, is about an 8.6 on the Mark Foley scale of creepiness. ... Down in engineering, the assistant looks like he's had a little too much Romulan Ale, and Wesley tells him that he can call his mother, who is a doctor. The assistant, saddened that Wesley didn't suggest they play doctor, tells him that he just needs to rest, and that he means no harm to the Enterprise or all the adorable little boys running around on her.
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