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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #11 Deciphering A Precognitive Dream

Ivana just saw her Godmother get arrested by Starfleet security. Instead of panicking, she sat down on the couch to decipher the dream.

The catalyst has begun the sequence of events that are to follow; the arrest of Captain William Riker and his wife, Counselor Deanna Troi for treason will lead to the arrival of two other high ranking admirals at Starfleet to join with the one at this station for the trial.

Then it will bring Admiral Janeway and Captain Picard for the defense, but they will be called away on other more urgent Starfleet business as soon as they arrive. To assure that Captain Riker will get more than a fair hearing, the Prosecution, which will also happen to be consisting of two rear Admirals, will permit the trial to take place only if the defense is represented by an equal calibre of two admirals as well. Along with the three rear admirals that will serve as judges, there would be a total of seven rear admirals at this station at one time which was kind of highly unusual for the trial to be held for a captain, which did give an air of credibility against this precognitive dream and just accepting this as being just a dream.

But Deanna Troi did get arrested a mere moment ago. That meant that Captain Riker was already arrested, and their two children are soon to follow.

What was to follow after that did not make any sense. Even though the station has its own security force, the Starfleet personnel that was living on the Prometheus were being rounded up by the rear admirals' security forces. And to top it all off as an absurdity factor, Starfleet security that resided at the station was given the order from all seven of the rear admirals to hunt down Enow with an order to kill on sight.

Ivana did not like the idea of the Rikers' children being taken in this confusion. The image of the struggling teenage girl and her screaming helpless little toddler of a brother in the hands of cold dispassionate Starfleet security was too much to bear, because she had seen the two children yesterday when she had stepped off of the turbolift when the the girl passing by was calling her little brother a "pipsqueak". She knew where they would be when they were to be arrested in according to the dream, but at what exact time, she did not know.

She stood up and assessed herself. She was a mess, and she stank with body odors due to her sweating through the night. She had no choice. If she was going to be approachable to the children at all, she had to shower.

And so she did, using what the station had provided for her in her quarters, the sonic one. Due to its efficiency in using nonharmful sound frequencies to scrub off all loose matter off of her skin, it was a quick one. She then sprayed a body deoderant that she was known by the crew for her to wear. Then after getting dressed in a more conservative attire for the children than what she usually wears for entertaining the crew as their eye candy, she grabbed her iCOMM which was a personal handheld devise for communicating with her crewmembers, and she set out in pursuit of the Rikers' children.

Rounding a bend in the corridor just a mere twenty yards away from her quarters, she saw the Klingon Captain standing nearby with Kek, and they saw her. "I sent Jo-Jo to trail them after security took that lady..." Ivana nodded in approval and then he said,"aren't you going to wait in your quarters for when we bring Enow to you?"

"Change of plans, I'm afraid," Ivana stated grimly,"it looks like we are going on the side of angels again."

Rimko knew what that meant, and so he asked, "Who are the bad guys now?"

"It is unknown at this time, but I do not want Rikers' children arrested by Starfleet security," Ivana stated flatly.

Rimko nodded, "Okay," but he was finding this scenario as nonagreeable for his involvement. He was expecting something a little more obhectionable for him to be riled up for, but sometimes, Ivana was like that, "you sure can pick em..." he thought for a bit, "are we staging a break for the Rikers as well?"

"And those Starfleet personnel that has been living on the Prometheus...along with my sisters, and hopefully, my brother as well," Ivana conveyed.

"I'm not sure they will be willing to come along," Rimko pointed out, "just what is going on that you..."

"They will be," Ivana explained, "soon afterwards, there will be seven rear admirals at the station, each with their own personal security forces, and for some reason or another, they will be rounding up these women as well."

"All women?" Kek eyes lit up at the prospect of being a hero to the ladies and getting their "personal" thanks.

"Down, boy," Rimko commanded as he thought for a bit, and said, "Well, providing that they will agree to come with us, it will mean escaping from this station and from this sector of space. This will require a ship, so we might as well get a ship first and then used the transporter to break everyone out of here," he turned to Kek and said, "since we do have the iCOMMS, let's make em secured and non-traceable, so we can get coordinated with our people for when we make our move," he turned to Ivana, "and just who are these people that have been living on our ship?"

From her empathic bond with Desarae, Ivana was able to name all 36 members of the female crew that were living onboard the Prometheus. At first, Kek was committing the names to memory, and then he stopped Ivana after naming nine of them and said, "Whoah whoah whoah there.." and he went and got a non-Starfleet issued Padd out of his shoulder bag to jot down all the names he had received and then said," okay.. continue," and after she got done naming thirty six of them, "boy, I'm glad I got the Padd out. Sheesh."

"Okay.. getting them will be easy enough..." Rimko announced,"the station's computer will locate them for us."

"Yes," Ivana agreed for she knew when Starfleet engineering were on duty, their combadges will be tracking them so that visitors and fellow crewmembers can contact them for a rendezvous for lunch on the station, "but you have to get a hold of them when they are on their lunch hour. If they are still working on a ship or in their living quarters on our ship, the station's computer will not answer any inquiries then."

"So...until then...I'll be using my time to ... " Kek was wondering.

"Coming up with a plan of busting the Rikers out from their holding cells," Rimko grimaced quietly as he looked at Kek, "that's where your special skill comes in."

"Yeah... yeah..." Kek smiled at that as he whispered, "it's been awhile...but I think I can trigger a power outage to get that forcefield down for about five seconds before the back-up kicks in."

"Hoo boy.. you sure don't leave me alot of room there to beam them out, Kek," Rimko said outloud.

"Plus, they have a sensor grid that can detect any unlawful transport, and be able to trace it," Ivana pointed out, "that's too many people to beam out of here when Starfleet security are stationed at several key points for rapid response."

"Hmmm....." Kek pondered, and then said in a more hushed tone of voice, "I think the ship's transporters may do more in a pinch than we think."

But before Kek expounded on his meaning, after seeing two starships arriving out of warp to dock with the station, Ivana walked off, explaining, "I need to find the children now."

Rimko followed her and bellowed back at Kek in his usual Klingon manner, "Secure the ship first, Kek! Then we'll swap ideas!"

"Secure the ship," he chuckled, "is that all?" Kek inquired dryly.

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