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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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^^ I'm starting to realize that "The misunderstood ships of Star Trek?" might have been the better thread title.
So I could have talked about Excelsior in here after all! Daggum it.

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While obviously featureless the golden wall sculpture reveals the essence, the distinctive sleek lines and beautiful proportions that set Andrew Probert's Enterprise-C apart from the VFX model that appeared
  • literally out of nowhere and
  • exclusively in(side) an alternate (!) TNG reality (One could wonder whether the true Enterprise-C in the "real" timeline really looked like that VFX model).
I'd dare to say that the Enterprise-C wall sculpture in amount of total TNG screen time had more exposure (as a part of the conference lounge) than the new Ambassador Class VFX model during the entire run of TNG.
Y'know, your point about the alternate reality is a good one... but we do see ships of the same design in TNG's "Redemption" and DS9's "Emissary." Maybe they were called something else in the Prime Reality?

All kidding aside, far be it for me to be the peacemaker, but I think personal canon is what it is. If one wants to think something is a certain way on an ambiguous topic, one can find ways to do so.

I could imagine a world in which the U.S.S. Ambassador herself looked like the sculpture, and the C did not, but the sculpter goofed.

Or perhaps the C was the only other Enterprise to undergo a mass refit along the lines of the good ole 1701?

I guess my point is, there are ways around it if you really want to. Depends whether you want to make everything fit I guess. Also, in a way I have to agree with Robert - the sculpture came before the model, therefore the model was revised the sculpture. It varies how you want to interpret things as to which version is real and definitive. As Treknologists, we tend to more often than not conclude that the last word is the right word. And for me, the path of least resistance is usually the right one - but that doesn't necessarily mean it's right for everyone. Half the fun of the show is interpreting it how you want to.

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@ Praetor

Concerning the size comparison chart you provided in post # 99, I think there's bigger fish to fry than just the overall length figures of the Excelsior...notice the second starship from the top. I think some people would like to see this erased and overwritten...
You weren't supposed to notice that.

I think it's interesting that all the starships in that diagram are referred to as U.S.S., except the Grissom, which gets an FSV prefix. Probably not significant. Just amusing. There is a separate diagram that has only the Enterprise and Excelsior scaled - which I had as credited to Nilo Rodis-Jamero and predating Mr. Probert's drawing but I am uncertain this is correct. If so, Mr. Probert reused part of the drawing in his.

Regarding the Oberth, some have asserted there are two differently-sized versions. Treknologically, we have precedent in the Klingon bird-of-prey. The OCD in me wants there to only be one. What is the feeling of other folks?
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