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Re: Elysium - grade/review and spoilers - also controversy

What, no poll? You're forcing me to actually explain my vote.

B+ story. Good action, a good but heavy-handed metaphor. It suffers a bit because the metaphor is a bit too heavy-handed (it's easy to dismiss the analogy as simply inapplicable to us). I wish there had been an attempt to at least suggest that Elysium's quality of life would drop if they had to treat all of Earth. That being said the "citizens in distress on Earth" thing at the end was one hell of a symbolic image of the whole message (which, to me, wasn't so much haves and have nots in the sense of the 1% vs. 99% but have and have nots between the first world and the rest of the world).

I'm sure someone, if they wanted to make up a lot of things, could come up with an explanation that would give substance to Elysium's reluctance to help Earth. I'm not about to nitpick an allegory in science fiction form, we don't have enough of those these days. Instead, plot device that bugged me more was the encryption protocol. I'm not sure what that was supposed to accomplish. It's not much of a defense if it lets you download and access it in the first place (which seems to be one of the main reasons to encrypt something). Also, what was going to happen to the first guy who had it? Would he die if he downloaded it? That doesn't seem to have worked as fluidly as it should have (although it's amusing that Max Damon had many, many ways things we killing him - from radiation to stab wounds, to security software).
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