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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post

This may sound a little weird, but here goes: I say Spock's story in STXI is an allegory for a closeted homosexual coming out. He has emotions, which his people see as extremely distasteful. He can't supress them as well as they do, but he TRIES to live up to his rigid society's expectations of emotionlessness. He acts like he doesn't have them in public.
King Daniel, I think the explanation you came up with in your own mind is ultimately more interesting than the actual movie. Had the movie portrayed these events in this way -- had we actually seen Spock take Uhura, say, into a private corner and say, "I need to apologize for not having returned your affections... I realize now what I have been missing" -- that would have been, quite possibly, a fantastic scene.

But you and I have to invent such a backstory for ourselves, which we could just as easily have done without the help of the movie. (For my own part, while I was out it, I'd have toned down the lighting just to save my eyes from the strain.)

If we really are to have a new timeline, then the story needs to sell the viewer on the new and improved characters. It cannot rely on the old value propositions from 40 years ago. It can't paint Kirk to be a boorish amateur and then expect us to say, well, he's Kirk, he'll get away with it, he always skirts past the rules, look at his track record. Not if the story also expects us to see Spock return a kiss on his own accord, when his track record tells us that couldn't happen.

Greg Cox wrote:
And do we really want to see Quinto's Spock doggedly retrace the gradual evolution of Nimoy's Spock, step by bloody step, for the next forty years? Or maybe we can find a new way to explore Spock's dual nature--perhaps through a long-term relationship with a human woman. There's something we haven't seen before!
I would be very interested in seeing a rational interpretation of a new and unexplored side of the established character. Not an old and retreaded side of a completely different character wearing the same outfit. But the new format of these movies does not appear to want to make the time to explore any of the characters to any extent of depth. So when a movie simply throws out there that Spock and Uhura are an item, some viewers (e.g., King Daniel) can come up with really good, rational explanations for why and how, but others (e.g., myself) try and fail.

(I don't have any doubt that a certain novelist could conjure a brilliant chapter that fills in these details, and that as a result would be better than the entire film.)

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