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World War 3.2

A late 20's Iraq/Afghanistan War vet is recruited by a shadowy government group fighting the real world war, dubbed 3.2 by the head of the cyber warfare team, which has been going on since 1999. It's not just nations or Islamic terrorists as the public would believe. Factions of nations, corporations, freelance fighters, private military contractors, religious extremists, environmental extremists, and politicians are fighting an ever shifting, mutating, and evolving global conflict on physical, digital, economic, and political fronts.

The group, set up and funded by the president of the US answers to no one and has one job, prevent the new global war from destroying civilization as we know it by any means necessary.

Target length for the movie would be 3 to 3.5 hours long, target rating would be hard R, and could serve as the pilot for a pay cable/Netflix series.
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