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Re: Potentially stupid questions

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^Which is weird if you think about it, since Latin didn't pronounce the long i like "eye," but like "ee." So if we were being authentic to Latin pronunciation, it would be "Aven-teen."

Except, come to think of it, the actual Latin word isn't Aventine, but Aventinus (specifically Collis Aventinus, the Aventine Hill). So "Aventine" is an English word derived from Latin, not a Latin word. Which I guess is why your teachers favored an English pronunciation.
Yeah, it's not consistent with Latin pronunciation (in as much as that's a nebulous field polluted by Church Latin) but between High School and College the pronunciations were similar. They're no less strange than Aristotelian (Aris-to-teal-ian vs. Aris-totle-ian vs. Aris-total-ian).

As for Dygan, I'd probably say "DIE-Gun" similar to Hogan or Logan.
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