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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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You know, I keep vowing not to get sucked into one of these time sinks again ('cause, deadlines!), but then somebody insists (again) that all "real" fans reject the reboot or suggests that anybody who doesn't is some shallow newbie who doesn't know what Trek is really all about. Or doesn't have the right fannish credentials. Or isn't a fan for the "right" reasons.

If somebody likes or doesn't like the reboot, fine. But don't presume you speak for "the fans," no matter what side of the timeline you fall on!

So let's lay off the "More Trekkie than thou" stuff, please.
Dunno if you're partly referring to me, since you mentioned my using the terms "realSpock", "realKirk", and "realUhura." I used those terms because that's how I differentiate between characters who are the original, authentic ones and the cartoony ones depicted in the nuTrek movies. At no time did I say that the people who like these movies aren't real Star Trek fans. They just happen to like what is, to me, an inferior kind of Star Trek that doesn't feel real or authentic to me.
Don't worry. That wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but at this whole recurring meme of "Real Fans Vs. the Reboot" that keeps turning up like bad penny. Honestly, at this point, all these threads are starting to blur together in my mind so I'm sometimes not even sure who I'm responding to!

Nothing personal. Heck, I recently got into this same debate with a reporter at the New York Post!
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