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Re: 22nd century star clipper...

Looking over that 3D Daedalus I find one of his model's strengths is that he wisely abandoned the proportions and very plain lines of MJ's concept sketch rather than accepting them near exactly as the DS9 model did. He used the basic idea as a jumping off point and then put some curves into the design. The more I look at the 3D model the more I like it. I do have a couple of quibbles, though. The support pylons meet at a juncture where the neck meets the support hull. It thus looks like you have to go through Engineering to get into the support hull. It isn't that different from the TOS Enterprise because the interconnecting dorsal is likely under an engineering section of the saucer, but on this Daedalus it seems more apparent. He's also placed the impulse engines behind the spherical forward hull---again similar to the Enterprise layout, but I'm wondering with older bulkier systems how much room in the forward hull this would compromise. His scale seems a bit odd, too, because of all the windows. It works if you go with the idea the average window size being smaller than the those on the Enterprise and thus makes the Daedalus seem larger than it is.

I haven't finalized any colour choices yet and I've still got a ways to go all around, but the underside detailing is coming along.

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