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Re: Doctor Who Prom - BBC Radio 3, Sat 13th July

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Really can't believe the number of people complaining about a few pieces of classical music "snuck in."

The whole point of doing the Doctor Who Prom is to introduce children to the world of classical music and concerts.
Ah, and here I thought it was to celebrate the music of Doctor Who. My mistake.
They're not mutually exclusive. If Doctor Who was originally devised to encourage and develop children's interest in science and history, then it can do the same for their appreciation of orchestral music.

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Just as a heads up, the Proms will be broadcast on BBC1 Aug 26th at 4pm.
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Sure somebody must have posted this elsewhere, but can't spot it: anyway, the TV broadcast of the Prom is on Monday 26th at 5pm on BBC1.
Three posts up. Is it on at 4 or 5 though?
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