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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #10 Unforeseen Catalyst

Lee Ann looked to Desarae with the hope that she would reveal the location of her brother and her abducted sister, but Desarae was still looking on the viewscreen on her desk to find the current location for Enow. The assignment that was designated for Enow's duties today had been reassigned to someone else. When Lee Ann saw the puzzled look on Desarae's face, she got up again from her seat to stand beside her to join in her search. Desarae broadened her search to see if he was taken off for medical reasons. Enow was nowhere on that list for temproary release from duty.

Then she got a ping. It usually indicated that a strange matter involving a Starfleet personnel had occurred that required her attention. It had come straight from the Commodore's Office. She took a break from her search to see what the necessity for her intervention. The general summary listed it as an "aberrational resignation". It was considered an aberration because there was no timely notice of resignation. The Starfleet personnel had just up and quit. She almost didn't click the link to see whom it was, because she did not have time to seek out the departing personnel when she was trying to locate her brother, but she did look to see whom it was that had tendered the aberrational resignation. It was her brother, Enow.

"Why is he quitting?!!" Lee Ann blurted out loud.

Desarae stood up, wondering if her empathic bond with Enow during the night was frightening him away, "I don't know for sure," Desarae said hesitantly.

Lee Ann touched Desarae's arm and read her surface thoughts regarding Enow's IEB and her concern about the unknown side effects of having that dream with someone they had an empathic bond with. "Oh! That had to be it!" she blurted out in comfirmation as if to settle Desarae's doubts. Then Lee Ann looked further into Desarae's mind and knew of the last conversation with her brother of his past medical injuries, including the Vulcan Kolinahruu and recoiled from touching Desarae's arm any further. "HOW could they DO THAT TO HIM!!" Lee Ann protested in an emotional outburst.

"What?" Deanna Troi had asked as she got up from her seat and went over to console Lee Ann by putting her arm around her. Deanna read her surface thoughts and recoiled from consoling Lee Ann any further. Deanna used both of her hands to cover her mouth as it dropped open in horror.

Deanna Troi leaned over as if she was kicked in the gut, but as she collected her thoughts, it was Desarae that started the counseling first,"Let's all settle down now. Enow cannot leave the station until he sees me."

Deanna chimed in, "Yes. Yes. It is Starfleet protocol for any aberrational resignation."

Then they all sensed a presence coming toward the Counselor's door, bypassing the secretary in the foyer whom could be heard as informing the person that he will have to wait his turn, but he was not listening. They could all sensed his amger towards the secretary, but what was dominating the person was a state of panic. The door slid open to reveal the Klingon, Captain Rimko. He stated flatly in a command voice, "I'm not taking no for an answer. I need you to see my Purser right away. Something is wrong with her."

Desarae could sense the love this Klingon had for her sister, and so she yielded, "As you wish, Captain Rimko. Please take me to her." She touched Lee Ann's and Deanna's arms to convey a telepathic message that this was about Lydia before they could voice their protests.

The Klingon saw this move towards the two apparently upset ladies in the room as the Counselor's way of leading them in yielding to her judgment of setting aside whatever they were talking about as less important right now. When he saw that they had submitted to the Counselor, he did refer to a human custom by saying, "Thank you," in the hopes that they would not change their minds along the way as he knows human women will sometimes do whenever it involves their emotions. He really could not brook any further delays that he has been used to getting from Starfleet when it involed getting the Counselor to see his ailing purser.

Casey, Deanna, and Lee Ann followed the marching Klingon as he led them with haste down the corridors to a turbo lift, and went up several levels. By that time, Lee Ann and Deanna were holding hands with Desarae in the turbo lift as they were telepathically communicating with each other. The Klingon looked back and saw that, thinking the Counselor was assuring the safety of the ladies in his presence, and then he said, "You have nothing to fear from me, Ladies." Then he looked back at the turbo lift doors wanting it to open sooner in reaching his designated level.

Telepathically, Deanna said to Desarae and to Lee Ann through Desarae, "It may be prudent to disclose the matter to Lydia if you just hold her hand. The empathic bond that you do share with her through Godfrey in the womb should allow the flow of information to be conveyed easily and quickly than any verbal communication could allow."

"This sounds better than a Vulcan mindmeld," Lee Ann said telepathically back to Deanna through Desarae.

"This is a Betazoid trait. I can easily talk to my mother telepathically without touching her only because she is a full Betazoid. My mother can be so annoying at times since she can see my whole life by this empathic bond, but you guys are all half Betazoid, and so you need physical contact to convey that kind of information from one to another."

"I am not sure I want to bare myself.." Desarae announced as she became hesitant about the bond they were sharing now.

Deanna almost laughed at what Desarae was hesitant about, but she did laugh telepathically as she patted Desarae's arm for assurance that it was nothing to be ashamed about, "I love those Risa showers too."

"I know where I am going for my next shore leave," Lee Ann commented telepathically. Even though Desarae blushed at this, they all laughed telepathically yet all the while maintaining an air of concern on the outside in their facial features for Lydia.

As they exitted the turbo lift, Desarae found out from Lee Ann that Candice was on the surface on Mars entertaining Starfleet personnel at one of their public facilities containing an auditorium in the city of Arielmar. Her "guardian" was actually their director for this "christian" musical group as it was their missionary outreach to entertain the troops which they had done so during the Dominion War. Now that the war was over, there were little calls for this form of entertainment from Starfleet, except here at Utopia Planitia for enertaining those in Starfleet in these layovers while their ships were undergoing maintenance.

Lee Ann sense what Desarae was skimming about in her mind being about Candice as she telepathically added a memory of Candice singing to her in the corridor and commented to her mind, "She's quite good! That group have not heard her sing solo at all."

"I did heard her in the corridor last night," Desarae announced, "I did not see her sing, but it sounded quite lovely."

"Oh, "Lee Ann added the visual memory of Candice singing to her, making all of those funny faces of joy, "she was being very funny in expounding about being happy .."

Desarae caught herself from smirking, and said telepathically, "That is enough. Don't make me laugh now."

They eventually came to a corridor where eight Ferengiis and half a dozen Bajorans were lingering outside. A human was running down the corridor from the opposite direction with a Starfleet med kit, and went inside the living quarters of Ivana's. The door was still open by the time Rimko and the three trailing ladies had come to it, and so it stayed open to let them enter.

Inside the room was a human doctor as the human handed him a Starfleet med kit he had just purchased. "How is she NOW?" Rimko yelled in concern, jolting Kek and Jo-Jo, the only two Ferengiis in the room.

"I'm a country doctor!" Dr. McCoy yelled back at him in frustration, "Not a walking Starfleet Sickbay!!" He added, "Don't you know I am doing EVERYTHING I can to SAVE HER!!??" The doctor never looked at the Klingon Captain as he was disappointed at what the Med Kit contained and shoved it away after snatching the stethoscope out of it. He was getting more worried as he was using a stethoscope in listening to Ivana's heart. He looked squarely at Ivana and said firmly, "Ivana! This Med Kit is inadequate for me to treat you! Now once again, I IMPLORE YOU, we need to get to Sickbay!"

"Everyone leave the room," the Counselor replied as Deanna Troi and Lee Ann herded the two Ferengiis and the human that brought the med kit outside.

"She is my patient and my fellow crewmate!" Doctor Johnathon McCoy declared in protest, " I will not leave her side! She needs to be in Sickbay...not any of this holistic medicine.."

The Counselor grabbed Ivana's hand and repeated again, "Everyone outside ..."

"Not budging..." the Klingon Captain stated grimly.

Then Counselor Deanna Troi commanded, looking at the doctor and the Captain, "Then whatever is shared in this room, stays in this room."

The Klingon Captain looked at the human doctor and the human doctor looked at the Klingon Captain before they both looked at Deanna and nodded, "Agreed," they said at once, wondering what it was that the Starfleet ladies did not want them to know about Ivana.

Rimko and McCoy saw the Counselor holding unto Ivana's hand whom had her eyes closed in pain due to the gnawing grief in the pits of her stomache. She was shaking and sweating from this ordeal, curled up in a ball on her couch in her quarters, but as the seconds ticked by, the tremblings stopped as her eyes shot open at a sudden realization. Slowly she turned to face her sister and gasped for joy. She hugged her as she cried a sense of relief, but smiling at the same time.

"What had just happened here?" Rimko whispered to the doctor.

"I dunno," he said beneathe his breath, "maybe there is something to this holistic medicine.."

"YOU ARE MY SISTERS!!!" exploded Ivana at last with enraptured joy as she reached out to Lee Ann to hug as well. Then she looked at Deanna and said softly, "And you are my Godmother...hello..."

As Deanna and the ladies greeted each other, the Klingon Captain and the doctor shook their heads for a bit, looked at each other to see the other astonished as well, and then pinched themselves to make sure they were not dreaming. "Well....I'm lost.." the Klingon Captain said throwing his arms up.

"Ditto here..." Dr. McCoy said moving far away from this confusing scene to the far wall of the living room of Ivana's quarters.

The Klingon walked over to his purser and could see that she was tired, but not under emotional duress any more. She had not slept at all last night according to Lena, and she was getting worse by the time morning had arrived, but now, it seems the storm over Ivana's soul had abated.

Ivana was helped up by her two sisters as she gaffawed at Desarae, "Oh ho ho ho ho...." she proclaimed, "I wanna use your shower after a bad night I had. I am...." she looked into Desarae' eyes and was about to convey her need for a shower from perspiring all night due to her empathic crisis, but she halted and stopped smiling for a moment. The information she was digesting about Enow was slowly coming into view in relation to what was happening to her throughout the night.

Ivana broke away from physical contact with Desarae and Lee Ann as the two Vulcan ladies drew their own conclusion from what Lydia had gone through the night and bolted out the door, leaving Deanna, and everyone else in the room confused by this turn of event.

Ivana walked over to the Klingon Captain, and spoke to him as she had always spoken to him before, on a personal level which was different from speaking to him on ship's business, "That Vulcan that goes by the name of Enow?" she reminded him.

"The one that saved our hides by transporting us all off of our ship?" Rimko guessed, wondering where this was leading to.

"Yes," Ivana confirmed,"as it turns out, he is my brother. He is quitting Starfleet. He does not remember his past at all. Find him and bring him to me."

"All righty..." the Klingon shrugged at that, giving up on trying to make sense of how a Vulcan can be related to her and signalled the doctor to follow him outside so he can address the rest of his remaining crew of their immediate task at hand. "All right, Kiddies...." he began as the door slid shut behind him, leaving Deanna and Ivana in the room alone.

Deanna walked over to touch Ivana but Ivana pulled away.

"I know you are my Godmother, and I thank you for bringing us altogether," Ivana stated calmly, stepping further away to maintai a safe distance from having to share her thoughts with her, "but please go help find my brother and bring him to me."

Ivana was not fooling her. As a practising empath, Ivana knew how to shield her thoughts from those that would pry, but even though there was no emphatic bond between them, Deanna did get bits and pieces from that brief contact, but she did get the gist of it from the surface thoughts.

Ivana had been in telepathic contact subliminally with Enow since they had bumped into each other last night. Ivana could not understand the images she was seeing nor the sounds she was hearing when she had closed her eyes when they were coming to her halfway through the night while she was suffering. It became clearer in detail as the time went by, and Ivana had thought she was suffering from a waking nightmare, but no more, thanks to Desarae of what she had shared with her.

Deanna was able to fathom from that brief contact that she had with Ivana that Enow held another secret other than suffering from IEB, and it was precognitive dreaming. He could not always tell if a dream was just a dream or a precognitive one, but he could not ignore them any more as people were dying in real life if he did, but a series of event was going to happen that will set to lead Enow to what appears to be an inescapeable outcome, his own death. And the catalyst that will serve as one of these milestone events set in place to occur like dominos will be the arrest of her husband and herself for treason.

"Surely that one was just a dream," Deanna said softly.

Taking comfort that her "new" Godmother can only read her surface thoughts and not sharing her empathic bond as she did with her sisters as if she had lived in their skin as they had in hers, Ivana looked at her and said, "I hope so...". But Ivana wanted Enow here, safe and sound to be sure.

Ivana walked away from her, reflecting on this new experience of sharing an empathic bond like that with her sisters, and whatever that was she had shared with her brother. The amount of information that was shared was as if they had never been apart, even though they had been. She had yet to experience that with Candice and moreso with Enow, but does wonder of what would have had happened if she had held unto Enow for more than a mere moment.

Deanna could sense that Ivana wanted to be slone for awhile to digest all of this as Deanna reflected on Desarae and Lee Ann bolting out of there to find Godfrey. She went to the door to join the search for him, and as the door slid open to find that Rimko and his crew had gone, in their place in the corridor was Starfleet security. "Counselor Deanna Troi," announced one officer coldly, "you are under arrest for treason."

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