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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

The Trek fanboy in me has officially decided that it wants the next movie to be a crossover between the nu-Universe and the TNG era prime universe complete with Enterprise-E and whatever other ship and TNG era crew member they can throw in.

To see the TNG-era and all the old guard again in stupendous big-budget IMAX vision would give us all multiple fangasms and send this forum into a meltdown of epic proportions whilst bits of images and snippets of information leak out.

The Enterprise-E and the nu-Ent teaming up? Make it so.

The possibilities for cameos from the TNG era people are endless and just seeing those sets, ships & people again would be wonderful.

The catalyst for such an odd event should be Q or something.

Make it so?

But would it appeal to the mass market? Would it fuck. Oh well. Fanboy portion of my brain is not letting this go though.
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