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Re: 2013 NBA Offseason Thread...

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I agree about Miami's smallball (as a strategy) being incorrect (although I suspect they'll mostly be small ball because of Oden's health problems), but I have no memory of claims that stockpiling centers was a trend. Can you find any stories reporting on this trend because I just don't remember it?
I don't recal specific articles either, but I wasn't going strictly by my memory of what was written when I said that acquiring bigs became the trend in the NBA when the Lakers were on their last run. I was going by my memory of what some teams actually did.

It is the reason the Thunder acquired Kendrick Perkins to go along with Ibaka, the Spurs' aquisition of Tago Splitter to team with Duncan, the Mavs aquisition of Tyson Chandler along with Drew Gooden, Brendan Heywood, and Erick Dampier, the Suns' aquisition of Shaq, the Memphis Grizz. There were other miscellaneous lower tiered bigs (and teams) signed by other various teams. All these teams were following what they perceived as a (winning) trend.

The point is that teams who look at the last couple NBA champs and think they are seeing a "trend" that will guarantee similar results IF you follow the trend, will likely be sitting at home in June. And the so called "pundits" who look to the last few NBA champs and see a "trend" as the "new direction" in the league will almost always end up looking bad.
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