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Re: Generations references

^ Exactly. One of the excuses used was that the Enterprise D sets had to be struck anyway to make way on the soundstage for the ones built for Voyager. But it would have been just as plausible IMO to have kept them in storage and then wheeled them out again (with modifications) every few years, just like they did with the Enterprise E sets.

The introduction of a new 'hero' ship in 1996 was exciting at the time and I had a sort of "love affair" with the 1701-E for a while afterwards as a result of it being new and different to what came before. But as time has gone on, I've now come to the opinion with the benefit of hindsight that it was a pretty hollow change, and that those sets and that exterior don't hold nearly the same emotional attachment for me as the ones used for the 1701-D.
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