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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I've been getting the DVD's of and enjoying Batman: Brave and the Bold over the last few months (I just need season 1 part one and Season 2 part 2). I just watched the last episode of the series, Mitefall. It was awesome, and on a short list for best TV series ending, but besides that it did show one thing I think is relevant to this topic. It was all about Bat-Mite wanting a new, more serious Batman show, and they did a fake, short CGI teaser for a Batgirl show. (slight B:TB&TB Mitefall spoilers)

Obviously this was just a joke, but it actually had much better animation and character designs than Beware the Batman (incuding the actually decent looking Batman design near the end). I'm sure however they did it was probably something that would be more expensive than BTB's animation, but I thought it was funny that Batman: TB&TB even does CGI Batman better than BTB
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