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But that's the point. The Antares crew was dead. The woman (and anyone else) who suffocated because Charlie literally deleted their noses and mouths, would presumably not have been brought back - because they were DEAD.

It would have been a terrifying death, as they couldn't breathe, couldn't call for help, and couldn't even see to try to go for help. They'd have had less than 2 minutes, tops, and that's only if they'd immediately held their breath as soon as it happened.

About the only chance they'd have had would be if some other crew came by and got them immediate help, or if they'd grabbed a knife and cut into their own heads to open a way - any way - to get oxygen into their lungs.

Any way you look at it, this was a truly horrible thing, and I can't see anyone who could do such actions as being redeemable.
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