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A grizzled prospector (Harrison Ford) on an alien planet returns to his pre-fab house out in the wild country to discover his front door open. Carefully investigating, he finds a 2ft tall, fur covered humanoid creature in his shower stall. A friendship develops as time passes, only to be threatened by the Big Bad Corporation that owns the planet when it turns out the little guy might be sentient, there bye voiding the Corporation's charter of ownership over the whole planet. A court battle commences to determine if the little fuzzy guy is really intelligent-with the future of the planet hinging on the outcome.
Yes. Somone should adapt H. Beam Piper's work into a movie. Little Fuzzy is a good start. ford would be good as Holloway. Jeff Bridges might also be a good choice. Just use Piper's original version of the story and not the Scalzi re-boot from a couple years ago.
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