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Re: And now The Newsroom....

Ah...I see it now...

A crazed, evil white boy, who has proven that he will do absolutely anything at all costs to bring down the President, based on a "real life" story (Tailwind) going back to Viet Nam in 1970 that "broke" at CNN almost 3 decades later in 1997. Going so far as intentionally cooking all footage, raw and rendered, and losing his shit accusing everyone else in the room of liking the President too much... Oy vey! Talk about over-the-top unbelievable stupidity.

Sloan is still the top character in my book. She seems to be the only one that has survived Sorkin's brand of character deconstruction with poise and dignity (Fukishima accident non-gaffe, dating issues and naughty pix). The rest of the newsroom bunch from Charlie all the way down now appear as a bunch of clueless fuckwits. Sad how it's come to this...

Did Sports Night degenerate into this? I never saw it so I don't know...
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