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Re: Opinions on the Following McCoy Centered Books

^Although I had some issues with Doctor's Orders, it was still an enjoyable read overall. I have now read 4 of Diane's books (more than any other author so far) and have one more of her books on my kindle. So yeah I at least enjoy Duane's view of Star Trek and the characters.

I also have also already read McCoy Provenance of Shadow. Again I definitely enjoyed reading the book a lot but the ultimate conclusion of both McCoy's stories was a bit disappointing for me.

edit: And Spock's World is the Diane Duane book I have not read yet but have on my kindle so that will be a definite read for me.

I have read the above mentioned Doctor's Orders, Wounded Sky, My Enemy My Ally, and The Romulan Way already.

The two books on the Romulans were my favorites of hers so far. Wounded Sky took a long time for me to get into but there were some passages in that book that were so lovely I don't regret reading it all.
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