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Re: The STAR TREK Movies, As Ranked By STAR TREK Con-Goers

LOL. So if Into Darkness wasn't the worst on that list, then The Final Frontier would be the worst, and Shatner would say "Fuck you?" to those who didn't like it? And if TFF wasn't the worst, then Insurrection would be the worst, so Johnathan Frakes would say "Fuck you?" in response?

Pegg, like the rest of the involved, have a pretty unprofessional attitude when it comes to criticism. So they didn't like your film, too bad. There are many films people don't like. There are probably also films Pegg doesn't like. I wonder if he wants to hear a Fuck you from those filmmakers just because his opinion differs. And when he took the job, he already knew how vocal and passionate the fanbase was. It's like moving into an apartment next to a railway and complaining about the noise.

Perhaps we should stop ranking films altogether because it might hurt the sensibilities of the people who got paid to make them.

As someone said somewhere before, they did rank Star Trek 2009 on #6/12 (13) films at that convention. Just like they ranked Frakes' First Contact #2 and Frakes' Insurrection #11. It's called taste.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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