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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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But since you have painted your self into a corner by being so resourceful LOL---can you find/do you have---Sarek and Chapel in the ante-room/turbo-lift from the cut scene in TVH?
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Here it is.

Since you mentioned it... about your ringtones... If we have to go by the book and minutes would seem like seconds... how many seconds of TWOK workprint audio do you have?

Wow, I wish I could think of more stills from clearly deleted scenes because you probably would have them!

I have about 17 to 20 ringtones ranging from about a minute to as short as 15 seconds long. I guess a total of about 8 minutes.

The workprint contained virtually everything in the script with the exception of the two McCoy/Chekov sickbay scenes mentioned before and a short scene where Khan interogates Chekov aboard reliant about Genesis.

So except for a few missing lines scattered here and there--everything you would read in the script was in the workprint---keping in mind the workprint I saw ends as Spock leaves the bridge to save the ship.

Lots of single non-descript lines here and there are in the workprint, but what i ended up putting on my phone are just the longer/ more interesting bits.
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