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That's if somebody got to her quickly enough. There's no evidence in the episode that anyone even noticed her distress. It was certainly never mentioned or shown later. If the Thasians didn't whisk her off to wherever the "disappeared" people went (presumably they were safe there, since Janice and the guy from the gym came back unharmed), that's yet another crewmember who was killed and nobody noticed.
Well when Charlie defaced her (so to speak) she was among a group of people laughing out of sight behind the bulkhead so she wasn't actually alone. But given everyone laughing stopped when Charlie did his thing we can assume he "defaced" them all. We only saw the one woman come around the corner, but we can assume her companions were in much the same condition.
If Charlie were ever integrated back into society, and Starfleet decided he had killed those people, Charlie would have to serve time in a prison, which couldn't end well.

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