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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Maurice wrote: View Post
Bill's approach is very different to Andy's. Bill's more a "does it look cool" guy than Andy, who's meticulous about functional detail.

I run into Bill now and then, but he's frequently traveling so I'm not sure when I'll catch him. I saw him about 10 days ago, so I could run into him tomorrow or 2 months from now.
Eh, ain't nothing wrong with stuff looking cool. Mission accomplished on the Excelsior. I'll just be happy with anything at all he can provide, and quite grateful to you likewise. So perhaps we'll continue speculating, given the irregularity of the visits. I'm still pretty jealous that you know him.

Patrickivan wrote: View Post
That aft void on the Excelsior model seemed like a cargo/ storage access point. I'd even suggest that there could be a roll down door that we haven't seen because it wasn't required. But the only point to that may be that because it would be only really accessible by the decks above, I'd guess that the storage would be for volatile equipment that is meant to be deployed at some point. Or perhaps aft sensor/ communication platforms that just weren't meant to be accessed except for odd maintenance.
A large cargo bay might also work. When I chose to interpret it as a shuttlebay, I had it interconnect up into the cargo bays, which are just under the flat dorsal of the secondary hull. (I also theorized that flat dorsal consisted of hidden doors just forward of the nacelle pylon assembly.) I too theorized there was a hidden "garage" door that was generally never closed.

I'm drifing more and more in the direction of the void originally being some sort of engineering support bay, not unlike what NX-01 had at her saucer's rear, designed for EVA ops related to the transwarp drive as well as containing parts spares and stuff. Maybe after transwarp was removed, it mutated into a more generic cargo bay and auxiliary vehicle holding bay. The blue glow would then of course indicate a forcefield in use, and perhaps something going on inside.

If I was really crazy, I'd try to make that pod in there into a fully independent starship.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
What I'm trying to say is I was looking for stern shots of the VFX model from the ST III (to determine whether that part had undergone alterations or not).

Looks like this is the only one we have, but am I imagining things or does the structure inside look like the propeller blade of a submarine?

Then that's it, some kind of futuristic "caterpillar drive" as this definitely carries allusions concerning propulsion (and I don't have to feel bad still thinking like a kid ).
You're never going to let me live the "kid" thing down are you?

I can see what you mean too... but I'm pretty sure it's a rounded square gondola-style pod hanging from the ceiling, with some superstructure aft of that angling towards the opening itself.

A caterpillar drive is an interesting notion... I just wonder how it would square with instances of the model appearing later and having a glow down there
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