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Re: The Doomsday Machine Revealed

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I cannot believe those here who actually prefer the old, creaky effects of DM, as opposed to the CBS Digital FX. I mean, when the announcement was made about the new versions, wasn't the first thought in everyone's head upon heating about them, "Boy - I can't WAIT for Doomsday Machine"?? This was THE episode that SCREAMED for better FX from Day One. (ok...maybe BoT also...and perhaps Corbomite Maneuver)

The effects now, instead of barely serving the story, now ENHANCES it! We get to see just how badly mangled Constellation is (with the neat addition of pieces of planetary rubble bouncing off its hull ), the DM is now a solid very scary thing that shoots out a wall of FLAME. And perhaps one of the best remastered effects of all of them in the series of Decker's shuttle popping out of the floor while twisting, and then ZOOMING out of the ship towards the planet killer.

I will never miss or feel nostalgic for the charred AMT model kit...
You are taking things out of context. No, the old AMT kit wasn't convincing, but I do prefer the original planet killer f/x. The rest is very much a mixed bag. The new shuttlecraft sequences are garbage as is the cgi planet killer---it all looks like gaming animation and I don't care for it at all.

I will stand by what I've always said. CBS made a lot of mistakes because they shoehorned modern looking f/x into a '60s era production and a lot of it looks ridiculous. Dedicated fans have done better work because they made an effort for the new to fit in with the original aesthetic. And it's why I refuse to buy TOS-R.

That isn't to say there are things I wish were different than what had been done originally, the Constellation model being one of them. But there really isn't too much in TOS in terms of f/x that I feel hurts the show.
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