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Re: Star Trek etymology

Most words have etymology and names also.

Some examples from other:
Auriel Lat. aurum -gold + Heb. el -god
Zanarkand Gr. za -very + narke -numb + Lat. andus, anda -ing suffix
Balamb garden Lat. ballare -to dance + ambi -around
Gargamel gargantuan -gigantic, enormous + Lat. malus, mala -evil or Gr. melas -black
Morag Thong Lat. mors, mortis -death + agere, actus -to do, to make

Many english words have etymology for example:
epidemic Gr. επι (epi) -upon, on + δημος (dēmos) -people
energy Gr. εν (en) -in + εργον (ergon) -work
octopus Gr. οκτω (oktō) -eight + πους (pous) -foot
transit L. trans -across + ire, itus -to go
previous L. prae -before + via -the way
exit L. ex -out, from + ire, itus -to go
ancient F. ancien, LL. antianus from L. ante -before
effect L. ex -out, from + facere -to make
summit L. summus -highest + ire, itus -to go
atmosphere Gr. ατμος (atmos) -steam + σφαιρα (sphaira) -ball, sphere
symbol Gr. συν (syn) -with, together + βαλλω (ballō) -to throw, put
alarm It. all' arme -to arms
suburb L. sub -below + urbs, urbis -city
symmetry Gr. συν (syn) -with, together + μετρον (metron) -measure
core L. cor -heart
artifact L. ars, artis -art + facere, factus -to make
prophecy Gr. προ (pro) -before + φημι (phēmi) -to tell
add L. addere -add to, join (ad -to + do, dare -to give)
object L. ob -toward, against + jacere, jactus -to throw
hippopotamus Gr. 'ιππος (hippos) -horse + ποταμος (potamos) -river
longevity L. longus -long + aevum -age
primeval L. primus -first + aevum -age + al -related to
agriculture L. ager -field + colere -to cultivate, to dwell + ur -related to
aqueduct L. aqua -water + ducere, ductus -to lead
rebel L. re -back, again + bellum -war
embrace, bracelet Gr. bracchium -arm
capital L. caput, capitis -head + al -related to
accord, discord, concord, courage L. ad -to, toward + dis -apart + con -together, with + cor, cordis -heart + agere, actus -to do, to drive
unicorn, uniform, unify, universe L. unus -one + cornu -horn + forma -shape + facere, factus -to do + vertere, versum -to turn
secure L. se, sed -apart, without + cura -care
trident L. tri- three + dens, dentis -tooth,
dignity L. dignus -worthy
final, infinity, infinitive L. finis -end, limit + al, iv -of, related to confirm,
firmament L. con -together, with + firm + mens, mentis -mind (used in nouns)
foliage, portfolio L. folium -leaf + agere, actus -to do + portare -to carry
deform, formal, formula, information L. de -from, down + forma -shape + al -related to + ul -diminutive
effort, fortify L. ex -out + fortis -strength + facere, factus -to do affront,
confront, frontal L. ad -to, toward + frons, frontis -forehead + al -related to
profound L. pro -before, forward + fundus -bottom
granary L. granum -grain + arium -place
gravity L. gravis -heavy + ire, itus -to go
congregation L. con -together, with + grex, gregis -flock, herd
humility L. humus -ground + il -related to
peninsula L. paene -almost + insula -island (in + salum -open sea)
island is -water + land,
window wind + ow -eye
library L. liber -book + arium -place
manual L. manus -hand + al -related to
immediate L. medius -middle
naval L. navis -ship + al -related to
annihilate L. ad -to, toward + nihil -nothing
equinox L. aequus -equal + nox, noctis -night
translucent L. trans -across + lucere -to shine + ens, entis -someone or something that is related
copious, copy L. co -together, with + ops, opis -wealth, riches
orbit L. orbis -orb, world + ire, itus -to go
oval L. ovum -egg + al -related to
partial, particle L. pars, partis -piece + al -related to + iculum -diminutive
pacific L. pax. pacis -peace + facere, factus -to do, to make
bicycle Gr. bi, bis -two + cyclos -circle
expedition, pedal L. ex -out + pes, pedis -foot + al -related to
pinnacle L. pinna -feather portal L. porta -gate + al -related to
appreciate, precious L. ad -to, toward + pretium -price
reality L. res, rei -thing + al -related to
derive, rival L. de -from, down + rivus -brook + al -related to
seminary L. semen -seed
senator, senility, senior L. senex -old man + il -related to
temperature L. tempus, temporis -time + ur -related to
umbrella L. umbra -shadow + ella -diminutive
ventilator L. ventus -wind + il -related to
fissure L. findere, fissum -to cleave, to split + ur -related to
ambiguous, exact, navigate, purge, redact L. ambi -around + ex -out + agere, actus -to do, to make + navis -ship + purus -pure + re, red -back, again
coalition L. co -together, with + alere -to nourish
adapt, inept L. ad -to, toward + aptare -to fit
occident L. ob -toward, against + cadere -to fall + -ens, -entis -related to
orient L. oriri -to rise + -ent -related to
current L. currere -to run + -ent -related to
edict, prediction L. e, ex -out + dicere, dictus -to say + prae -before
fossil L. fodere, fossus -to dig + il -related to
Avatar ava -down + tr, tara -to cross (Sanskrit)
delete Lat. de -off, away, down + linere, litus -to smear, wipe
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