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And the Children Shall Lead

What's up with those food cards?! I really must be missing something here because I don't see how you can apparently have any variety of food you wish from a small handful of wooden cards.

At one point in this (abysmal) episode, the last child wants chocolate marble and pistachio. Nurse Chapel picks a card and is about to put it into the slot, then the kid says, "And peach". Well, she has a card for that, too, apparently. And she was only holding two cards! So they just happened to be "Chocolate marble and pistachio" and "Chocolate marble and pistachio with peach"?!

Furthermore, was that kid afraid of, or allergic to, the colour WHITE?!! What was the point of that sequence? Was it supposed to show how cute kids are with their arbitrary tastes? Was it supposed to be funny?
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