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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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You mean their ONE public kiss on the transporter pad that came AFTER Spock's breakdown and admission to his father that he has emotions and cannot control them?
By Vulcan standards (not Sarek's standards or Amanda's or Spock's, Vulcan in general) that IS a very noticeable, unacceptable breach of decorum and manners. Any regular Vulcan would be correct in wondering if nuSpock were mentally ill, for engaging in such behavior.
No "normal Vulcans" were present. The Spock in this timeframe is the same one who smiled after touching a vibrating leaf and shouts "the women!!!!" when two female crewmates disappear. I don't think Spock at this point in his lives was overly bothered by Vulcan "decorum and manners". Even Spock later in his life in the PrimeUniverse was known to break decorum. Some of his best scenes are when he does. He does the strict Vulcan thing to get on humans' nerves.
Just because no normal Vulcans were present, that doesn't change Vulcan custom.

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Romance isn't prohibited. But there are regulations and social conventions about how that romance is expressed. Torres and Paris were reprimanded for their blatant PDAs in Voyager. They weren't told they couldn't have a relationship. They were told to keep it off-duty and in the privacy of their quarters or the holodeck.
Court Martial wrote:
SHAW: Do you think it would cause a complete breakdown of discipline if a lowly lieutenant kissed a Starship Captain on the bridge of his ship?
KIRK: Let's try. (a gentle but lingering kiss) See? No change. Discipline goes on.
SHAW: And so must the Enterprise. Goodbye, Jim.
If it's good enough for TOS, then it's good enough for the Abramsverse.
You're missing a very important point. Kirk was the Captain. If he decided it was okay for him to kiss a lieutenant on his bridge, it was okay because it's his ship.

Tom and B'Elanna weren't Captains, or anything close. It was Janeway who got to decide if they could engage in public displays of affection, and she decided they couldn't.
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