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Re: is TOS the only 'true' Star Trek?

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From the first airing of The Man Trap in September of 1966, through the last movie appearance of Kirk and two others of the main TOS cast in Generations in November of 1994, it was 28 years.
The movies and the television series are two separate things. You're also counting a whole lot of years of inactivity.For instance the series ended in 1969 and the first movie didn't hit the screen until ten years later.You don't get to count all those empty years.
Some of us didn't discover TOS until that fallow period between the 1969 and 1979 (I discovered the show in syndication around 1977-78, and I may have already been reading the James Blish books by that point).

So while it's true that there was no new Star Trek during that decade, I wouldn't call that period "empty". For me, every episode I saw for a while was a new one.

TOS was on the air for three years. TNG was on for seven years. TNG was more successful during it's run. That is fact. If you want to throw movies into the mix, then yes the original cast was more successful since they lasted 6 movies and most of them were better than TNG did in 4. That one I'll give you. But television series? Not even close. TOS was kicked off the air due to bad ratings while TNG was still strong when the series ended.
And if it weren't for TOS, and its fanbase, there would have been no movies, no TNG and no franchise. Pointing at TNG's ratings alone proves nothing. Especially since, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, it was discovered that TOS was actually a huge hit - among the demographic that they wanted to reach. But Nielsen didn't track those numbers back then - just the raw numbers, and by those metrics, yes, TOS did poorly.

The truth is, science fiction and fantasy have always been something of a niche interest. No incarnation of Trek is going to get the raw number of eyeballs that Friends got, or Big Bang Theory, or How I Met Your Mother. But science fiction fans are passionate, and we spend money on the merchandising, which makes it worth the studios' while to give us something to watch. (When was the last time you walked past someone on the street who was wearing a Seinfeld T-shirt, for instance?)
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