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Re: What's the deal wit the release??

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Different strokes
If you want to collect disks then that's great but get used to top films being released far earlier digitally the industry can charge the same price to own the films and they don't have to pay to print disks and packaging, same thing happening with contemporary books and of course music
And Microsoft and apple have been kind enough to sell invisible hard drive space as well in the form of clouds
Hard drive space not gonna be a problem very soon
I will agree with you on this point. Hard Drive space isn't going to be an issue with cloud services. A quality broadband connection and data caps however are a big issue. Not everyone has a good high speed connection, and people running into data cap limits is also a reality.

Portability of media and DRM is also a huge issue for me. Say I do purchase Star Trek into Darkness digitally on iTunes right now. It's 24.99 and in order to actually play my purchased HD movie, my computer and monitor must be connected by an HDMI cable. Otherwise my legally purchased HD movie only plays in SD or not at all. (I do have my monitors connected by HDMI, but not everyone does) Yes, I can put it on my iPhone or my iPad and have a portable version, great. I can also input the code for a digital version that is usually included with movies these days, or just rip the Blu-Ray and do the same thing. I have an Apple TV, but it's the 720p version so even then I'm not getting the "quality" that I paid 25 bucks for.

What if I want to go to a friends place so we can watch the movie together? I have a version on my iPad, but wait, he has no Apple TV...bummer. Oh wait! I can bring my Apple TV over and watch it. Nope, he's cheap and only pays for a 1.5 megabit connection. I guess I could bring the Apple TV and a copy on my iPhone/iPad and airplay it. Damn, his router was installed near the electrical panel in the basement and the wireless connection is crap, but he doesn't care because it's still good enough for his blazingly slow 1.5 megabit connection....guess that's out too. I could take a laptop or my tower over there with a copy of the movie and connect via HDMI, but that's just too annoying, plus iTunes on Windows plays like crap.

Or I could take the disc over there, pop it in his Blu-Ray player and just watch the damn movie. There are just too many limitations on what I can do with a DRM'ed digital only copy of the movie. Yes, it may come out early on digital, but that hook is not enough for me to sacrifice on audio/video quality and convenience.
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