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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

FOOL ME ONCE... continued

Cal & Neri, two peas in a pod, two love birds, two people who are, after Neri finds a roasted chicken in the camper that came from a nearby Wegman's and therefore didn't die at the point of their gun, two people who are...

Neri: ... funda-fucking-mentally different people... at a DNA level!

Larry is sitting in the background, quietly drinking his beer and trying not to look at the two lovers as they go at each other at the top of their lungs. (To be honest, she IS louder than he is.) Finally Neri stomps out of the camper, leaving Cal with Larry who feels the need to commiserate.

Larry: Well, that was awkward.
Cal: (spins back to his guest with a puzzled smile) Awkward? How?
Larry: Its a, its just tough to see you hit the rocks like that man.
Cal: (He smiles happily) That was foreplay Bloomer, that's how we relate.
Larry: (Disbelieving) Seems a little aggressive.

And this is one of the reasons why I love Cal... because for ONCE, somebody else tells me what it was like growing up in Piper's childhood home. I wonder, after hearing this, how many of us even thought to have the sympathy for Piper that the hospital scene garnered from us for Nicky in her flashback.

Cal: Think about how baby Cal grew up, all right? Everyone pretended that everything was chill... Dad fucked two different women named Linda (I'm assuming his Mom's name is NOT Linda) Mom lived on gin and cottage cheese from '91 to about '98 ...

(When Piper would have been 10 to 18 years old. No wonder she gravitated towards a strong independent woman when she graduated college. She'd never had one in her life before that.)

...and everyone knew and nobody ever said anything about it. But with Neri... we put everything out there, man. Its safe. We scream and throw shit (Sound like any other arguments WE'VE seen lately in this show???) and its like... electric, you know what I'm saying, its erotic, no joke...

So now we know.

Piper, the little blonde WASP, the girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth, who graduated from a prestigious women's college, was raised by a philandering Father and an alcoholic Mother who never faced any problem that could be shoved under a veil of self imposed politeness or behind an alcoholic induced haze. How could Piper have any self esteem when raised by two such prizes as that?

And to think, Nicky was jealous of the Shalimar hug... when truth be told, Piper would have been jealous of the passionate Russian's love for Nicky had she been aware of it.

So Baby Cal was raised by two people who should have never married, much less had children... and sadly enough, so was Piper.

Cal is still trying to find his way in the world... but its telling his "way" is to hide from it in his camper parked deep in the forest.

But he is trying to reach out to the world bit by bit, with his cell phone, with his friendship-counseling of Larry, with his girlfriend.

Too bad he's not strong enough to reach out to his (?) big sister.

I think she could really use him, about now.
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