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Re: What's the deal wit the release??

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No actually the quality of an HD digital download on Xbox or ps3 is exactly the Same 1080p
If you stream only the movie may be prone to whatever quality of Internet connection you have
And no ridiculous stacks of DVDs to trip over and use as coasters
Unless your a cinefile. HD flicks coming straight off of a blu-ray disc run around 10-20GB per movie.

I have a small collection of around 250-300 movies and TV shows.

That is an awful lot of drive space to take up on my console just for movies, so say nothing of any games.

I know why they are doing the digital release early, but the era of the disc is FAR from over.
Different strokes
If you want to collect disks then that's great but get used to top films being released far earlier digitally the industry can charge the same price to own the films and they don't have to pay to print disks and packaging, same thing happening with contemporary books and of course music
And Microsoft and apple have been kind enough to sell invisible hard drive space as well in the form of clouds
Hard drive space not gonna be a problem very soon
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