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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

FOOL ME ONCE... continued

Another of my favorite "ancillary characters" was showcased this week. I'm not sure why I like him, if we met in real life I would think he was just a "pot smoking fat Bon Iver"... if I had known who Bon Iver was before I googled him last week.

If you haven't figured out who I'm talking about yet... shame on you. I'm speaking of "Creative Cal" Chapman, AKA Piper's brother. You know him, he lives in the woods, 110 miles from civilization, out of a small camping trailer. Not sure where it is, but it has great cell phone service since every time we visit him out there, he's either on the phone or texting.

This time he's texting as Larry visits and does a little soul searching about his relationship with Cal's sister.

I just got to say... I love the way Cal decorates his campsite. In case no-one has noticed all the decorating going on in the ep (Yoga Jones does it, Caputo does it, Poussey & Black Cindy are doing it) the plastic reindeer standing behind Cal with some Christmas lights hanging from it should have alerted you by now that Christmas is "just around the corner".

I also love the way he lets Larry vent, but then isn't shy about laughing at Larry's honest comments (that while he admitted Piper had a point about the radio program, he also felt he had to talk about her since SHE was the most interesting thing about HIM) nor was he shy about bringing his own biases in to weigh on Larry's biases. Like when Larry complained not just about Piper's infidelity, but that she was GOSH, involved with a woman!

Larry: That's the bigger problem with this whole thing. She fucked a woman. So what, is she gay now?
Cal: (He's finished texting and trying to carve a wooden spoon) I don't know about "now". I think she just is what she is, man.
Larry: Which is what... exactly?
Cal: I'm going to go ahead and guess that one of the issues here is your need to say that a person is exactly anything.

When Larry admitted that he thought their relationship was over (Larry and Piper, not Larry and Cal. ) Cal put his knife and spoon away to admit it was weird being in the middle of this drama and he took pains to explain WHY he moved 110 miles away from civilization... he's allergic to "other people's drama" especially when it involved his sister.

The drama wasn't over as Cal's cellphone chimed and he picked it up to read a text response from Neri, the underwater arc welder girlfriend.


Cal mutters a "Holy shit!" then lumbers to stand and with outstretched arms he "ROARS" before turning to the man who feels his life with Cal's sister is over.

Cal: Dude, I'm engaged!"
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