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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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I am really enjoying this thread too but sometimes it makes me sad at scenes they cut.
That scene shown in comic form would have been great to see in the movie. Nimoy said it was cut because "it gave too much away too early."---that McCoy was posessed.

Sorry Mr Nimoy, after watching TWOK many times between 1982 and 1984---almost everyone had concluded that meld with McCoy at the end of TWOK was the way that Spock would come back.

So to cut a great Kirk/McCoy scene like that out and then, what?, six screen minutes later have McCoy clearly posessed was a bad idea I think.

Especially since TSFS was so short--105 minutes, BUT with about 5 minutes of reprised scenes/dialogue and a good 10 minutes of credits---the 'new' story portion of TSFS is under 90 minutes.

P.S. to Maab---

after looking at that photo of Nimoy, Kirk and McCoy you posted, I am willing to think IT IS possible McCoy WAS wearing his red uniform in the movie program photo.
Clearly he is directing them in a scene in the turbo-lift from TSFS and McCoy is wearing the beard stubble.
The comic adaptation you excerpted was probably mingling in my mind with the photo from the movie program AND it is very likely the comic was drawn BEFORE the artist had seen all the footage and used McCoy in his white smock which he wore quite a bit in TWOK.

So yeah, i think your are batting 100% on finding photos of cut scenes i mentioned!!

But since you have painted your self into a corner by being so resourceful LOL---can you find/do you have---Sarek and Chapel in the ante-room/turbo-lift from the cut scene in TVH?

It's your own fault by making me expect you have all that stuff!

I wonder if this thread could be branched/split into a section that only has photos/stills and links to video clips--without out all our dialogue and conversation?

You know, one of the best things about this thread is I finally don't have to hear form uniformed no-nothings who used to say about every cut scene---
"That scene/scenes was never shot---that's why we never saw it!"

There was a whole lot of that BS floating around about 5-6 years ago.

The alternate Kirk/David fight 'was never shot'
The baby scene 'was never shot'
McCoy knowing Terrell 'was never shot'
David/Saavik flirting in the eden cave 'was never shot'
Khan mentioning Marla by name 'was never shot'

Sometimes when I really cant believe i finally saw them i just play all my 'TWOK deleted scenes' ringtones.

Very nerdy, I admit.
Oh geez, is that the NSA I hear knocking on my door? "Where did you get those audio clips, sir?"

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