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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Personally, I think the next Trek series will either be set in its own continuity or will have a continuity vague enough that it'll be hard to tell if its Prime, Abrams, or a mixture of both.

Yet your use of the term "keys" suggests you may have been one of those fans who chose to deliberately misinterpret a remark made by Seth MacFarlane two years ago.
Um, wrong.

I couldn't care less about what Seth MacFarlane or anyone else said (especially since I don't even know what MacFarlane said anyway--and don't even want to know, really). So you're way off the mark there.

I'll hold to my ridiculous prediction that, in the unlikely event of live action tv, whoever gets those keys will answer to logic and profitability first and artistic prerogative second.
Um, whoever will get those keys will do so because they were CBS' choice and had a pitch for a series that appealed to them. That pitch could be set in any continuity, including the original, the current, or an all-new one.
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