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The only pick from his list I strongly disagree with is Eric.

He was one of the biggest 'I am morally superior to everybody trying to beat me' players in history despite the America's player twist, and he was generally one of the (Majority of) flamingly judgmental asses.

If it were up to me, any player who has ever said "Man those people in the other alliance are EVIL HORRIBLE PEOPLE" should be barred from coming back a second time permanently. That is the one thing that will instantly turn me against any player.
I agree, that mentality can be frustrating. It's the "we're the good people and America wants us to win" frame of mind. What's so tough about this season is that they are almost all like that. The ones who weren't are now gone. Even Andy and Helen engage in this mentality. Aaryn, GM, and Amanda are the worst offenders. I would say the only ones left who don't really do this are McCrae and Spencer, two guys who I always forget are in the house because they blend in so well at the moment (which is great for their games).

What's funny is that so many of these HGs believe that America loves them. Even Aaryn, who knows that her racism has been discussed in the DR, thinks that America is clearly on her side and sees how "evil" Elissa and then Candice were. She thinks that people are rooting for her because they see how she was wrongly accused of racism and how disgusting it was that Candice labeled her that way. And Amanda should know better, because she very much plays into the villain role in the DR, yet she and Andy are "100% certain" that America is rooting for them. Amanda even cries to McCrae about how sad she would be if she were being portrayed as a mean or bitchy girl controlling things...

I think some of these people will be in for a shock once they leave the house!
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