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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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My most desired scene from TSFS was a fairly long (Page and a half) scene between McCoy and Kirk in the turbo-lift with McCoy wearing his white med smock for the only time in that movie. A still of the scene was posted in the 'theater program' they sold in the theater opening night.
OK, you won me with this one. I've never seen a picture of TSFS with McCoy wearing the white med smock.

Are you sure it isn't this one?

There is one TSFS theater program for sale on Ebay, and most of the pages are shown, but no sign of this picture.

This is the comic adaptation of the deleted scene (with McCoy wearing the white med smock.

Anyway, I don't think they'll ever release any other deleted scene beyond what was already released. The movies were released in DVD, DVD special editions and Blu-ray. I'm afraid that's all.

Yep, that scene from the comic is the scene in question and i remember the photo for sure because at one point i owned both the comic and the movie program and for sure it was McCoy wearing the white smock while standing in the turbo-lift---which he never wore in the turbo-lift in any other movie.

It seemed very clear it was from that scene because it sure was funny and memorable to see him with a 48 hour growth of beard in a full page photo in a movie program--as he still wore in the "Spock's quarters scene later in the movie, although back in his familiar red uniform.

And sadly, i agree Paramount is probably way too lazy and cynical to ever dig in their vaults for the deleted stuff as an extra.

Most folks will have to settle for stills, short clips, script excerps, and even pictures of comic adaptations!

But seeing the workprint of TWOK only has heightened my desire to see the other cut scenes from the other 2 movies with a larger portion of cut stuff.

From meticulous counting of lines from the scripts and comparing it to the DVDs I concluded that TWOK, TSFS and TUC all had about 300-320 cut lines of dialogue. Each line of dialogue averages about 3 seconds of screen time.

Therefore I calculated the those 3 movies had 900 seconds (15 Minutes) of cut dialogue sequences.
My formula panned out when i saw the workprint for TWOK.

So if every filmed but cut line was back in--those 3 movies would each be about 15 minutes longer than their current longest cut.

Deleted scenes sections for those movies would obviously NOT contain every single cut line--only the sections that would be feasible/interesting to show--I think about 8-10 minutes.

TVH and TFF each had about 110 lines of dialogue cut. meaning only about 5-6 minutes longer.

Of course dialogue cut totals don't include scenes of action such as all the cut 'battle/action' scenes cut from TFF. But i am way more interested in seeing the character interaction stuff than Sybok's troops overwhelm Paradise city.

Seeing the original cast acting in those familar parts one last time was, for me, a very exciting experience regardless if the scenes were better left out or not.

I will hold out hope till the bitter end for seeing these scenes.

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