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Re: The Movies of DeForest Kelley

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After spending the summer watching all original TOS episodes, my children have fallen in love with DeForest Kelley. They would like to rent some of the movies in which De Kelley performed. Any suggestions?

Oh wonderful more Deforest Kelley fans

I have been watching a lot of his stuff too.

Just a note not sure how your children will take this but De Kelley primarily played the heavy (especially in Westerns) before he became Doctor McCoy. In fact he was so well known as a villain that originally producers didn't think he could play one of the good guys.

Anyways for a great Deforest movie I highly recommend Warlock. It also stars Henry Fonda and Richard Widmark. What is nice about it is De actually has a real character arc and development which is kind of rare.

He was also in a lot of Tv series. One of my favorites is the Virginian episode Man of Violence which also has Leonard Nimoy in a small role. Again De's character gets some really nice character development. '

Oh and then there is hist first film Fear in the Night. It's a low budget noir, but he is the lead here and only 27.

But really he is in tons of stuff, especially Westerns. Just search for Deforest Kelley on youtube, lots of his stuff is on there. Although keep in mind he was a character actor, not a leading one.

It always amazed me that De was so good at playing villains. Heck even Dr. McCoy was somewhat opposite his nature. From all accounts he was just the sweetest, most down to earth guy. So when I watch De in these roles I am struck by the irony of it.
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