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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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We're just going in circles here.

Ultimately, the market will speak.
If the subject hadn't been brought up, the market would be speaking a greener language, at least with respect to this forum's members. Small potatoes, but so it goes.

Plus 'the market' is a lousy criteria; 'the market' made a goddess of Jackie Collins, with Michael Bay its current prince.

If the books are as useful in terms of print info as expected, they are probably going to inform and fuel a lot of threads here; that should prove to be a good thing. So the information (which I presume is not just good but unassailably good) value will be a benefit to us all, whether we read the volumes or not.

Then again, if the creators ask me to not read posts about their creative output, I suppose I will have to respect that, since they should have some modest veto control over how the creations that came from their hours of hard work are used by others who might not have asked their approval. It just makes sense, right?
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