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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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The Collector has freely published most of these images on his site ... I'm a frequent visitor ... where they've been on display for several years in many cases for anyone to access. Including hundreds of scans of Lincoln film clips that are clearly unrestored - still showing multiple frames and the slots at the sides of the clips - with their current reddish/magenta tint. But those images are a tiny portion of all the prop and costume photos on the site; all free for fans to share - which have never been watermarked or claimed as proprietary.
Well, some of my pictures of my "commercially available" TOS props were grabbed by the Collector for use on his blog four years ago without permission and without attribution--until such time as I brought it to his attention a couple of months ago. In fact, judging by the variable quality of all the images on his blog, my hunch is that any photo taken by anyone, anywhere, that can be found on the Internet is automatically fair game for the Collector to gather up and repost on his blog without any acknowledgement or attribution. The images as restored by startrekhistory are probably simply being handled with no more respect as anyone else's images.
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