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Re: Generations and Insurrection (Spoilers)

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So I realized after watching Insurrection again recently that Generations and Insurrection have the exact same plot:

A madman creates a device that will kill a lot of people for no other reason but to get his lost 'wonderful life' back. Picard even saves the day and defeats the bad guy in the exact same way.

Picard: "Here Dr. Soren/Ru'afo, let me sabotage your device so that it blows up in your face."

The bad guys even say the same line at the films' climax.

Soran/Ru'ofo: "Picard! Get away from that _____!"

EDIT: Hmmm, I swear I remember Ru'ofo saying "Get away from that transmitter!" or something like that, but I can't find the line in any transcript.
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