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For an episode that embodies Trek's philosophy, I'd recommend TOS's "The Devil in the Dark".
Oh yeah that's a top knotch episode too! Perhaps a bit of "Devil in The Dark" is in "Darmok"?
Hmmm...makes you wonder how the ol' mind meld would have fared with the Tamarians...or full Betazoid telepathy for that matter....
We know there are some species (Ferengi, for one) that Betazoids can't read. I think it's a good bet that the Tamarians are a species the Betazoids wouldn't read, or at least wouldn't read very clearly.

The mind meld is an interesting idea and the Enterprise had some Vulcans aboard, but how do you explain to the Tamarians what they're trying to do? Do you abduct a Tamarian and force a mind meld without cooperation, la Spock-Valeris?
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