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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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My most desired scene from TSFS was a fairly long (Page and a half) scene between McCoy and Kirk in the turbo-lift with McCoy wearing his white med smock for the only time in that movie. A still of the scene was posted in the 'theater program' they sold in the theater opening night.
OK, you won me with this one. I've never seen a picture of TSFS with McCoy wearing the white med smock.

Are you sure it isn't this one?

There is one TSFS theater program for sale on Ebay, and most of the pages are shown, but no sign of this picture.

This is the comic adaptation of the deleted scene (with McCoy wearing the white med smock.

Anyway, I don't think they'll ever release any other deleted scene beyond what was already released. The movies were released in DVD, DVD special editions and Blu-ray. I'm afraid that's all.

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